Rocket Servergraph Professional

Find out what proactive data protection management can mean for your organization


Data Protection ManagementGet a clear picture of your backup environment

Rocket Servergraph is an enterprise-class, web-based solution that addresses the problem of monitoring backups. It offers a clear interface for the entire backup environment including reporting on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), TSM Fastback, and ProtecTIER, Symantec NetBackup, EMC Networker, Avamar and Data Domain, Veeam, Sepaton, Gresham EDT, IBM Flashcopy Manager for Unix, Oracle RMAN, Commvault Simpana and Rocket iCluster.

Servergraph helps storage managers, backup administrators, and backup operations teams get their jobs done faster and more efficiently, by providing real-time information about their backup environments.


Real-time reporting helps you maximize your resources by getting the right data to right people at the right time

Servergraph helps you extract the full value of the hardware and software you’ve already invested in. With real-time automated reporting, alerting, and monitoring technology, Servergraph detects missed backups and immediately notifies your team so you can quickly resolve problems.


No missed backups, no surprises

Find and prevent missed backups, protect your data, and alert storage managers. Accurately categorize backup status of systems into: completed, nodes missed, files missed, and file spaces missed.

Servergraph lets you know when a backup has been missed—and exactly what‘s missing—in real time, allowing you to retry the backup as soon as the issue has been resolved.


Automate accurate storage billing

Servergraph automates billing and enables you to charge based on a variety of parameters such as storage used and bandwidth consumed. It also enables you to create separate billing rates for various factors including different tape media, onsite versus offsite storage, and quota levels.


Build your own report or use one out-of-the-box

Servergraph provides over 100 out-of-the box reports.  These reports were built based on best practices and over 13 years as the industry leading reporting solution.  The comprehensive standard reports eliminate the need for homegrown reporting utilities.  In addition, Servergraph provides a robust report builder which enables the creation of custom reports - ensuring you get the exact data you need to efficiently manage your business.

The backup report builder in Servergraph enables you to design any backup report or dashboard. All reports can be scheduled so they are automatically delivered by email, or archived daily, weekly, monthly or on whatever schedule your users demand.