Rocket Passport PC to Host

Rocket Passport PC to Host

Rocket Passport PC to Host terminal emulation offers best-of-breed host access for Microsoft Windows 8. With its advanced suite of robust TN3270, TN5250, VT, SCO ANSI and Wyse terminal emulation clients and FTP file transfer, the multi-host access package continues its legacy as the leading alternative emulator to incumbent solutions.

With the Rocket Passport terminal emulator software, Windows users are given all the tools they need for secure, reliable, productive host connectivity. From the ability to create custom host screen sizes to Microsoft Office integration that yields spell check and automatic word completion, Rocket Passport delivers.

  • Support for IPV6, SSL and SSH security 
  • VB Script for macro development 
  • HLLAPI and an Object API for application integration 
  • comprehensive Windows cut and paste

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Administrators love the flexibility of our terminal emulator software. You can publish the software on any desktop PC or virtual server, with support and certification for solutions from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. You can push Rocket Passport out using its pre-packaged MSI file. You also have the option of storing common end user session profiles on a Windows or HTTP server for centralized access. Once Rocket Passport is deployed, point your users to the terminal emulator profiles and no local customization is required, unless you choose to give users that option.

For customers that need to transition to Windows 8 and replace their existing terminal emulator, we offer automatic conversion utilities to convert configuration files into the Rocket Passport format, making the transition easily manageable. We also provide free macro conversion utilities and services to guarantee an orderly migration. Switching from Attachmate or Micro Focus to Rocket Passport terminal emulation is easier than one might imagine at the outset and we have new customers every month confirming this.


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