Secure, managed enterprise mobility

Secure, managed enterprise mobility

Protect your enterprise systems from direct exposure to mobile devices

With Rocket® Mobile solutions, mobile devices connect to your enterprise via a single system of engagement: our Access and Connectivity Hub. Your enterprise systems are not exposed directly to mobile devices. Rocket Mobile also provides visibility of and control over which users and devices may access enterprise assets and cloud services.

Protect your enterprise systems

Communications with your IBM® i, IBM z Systems® mainframe, AIX, and UNIX/Linux systems use secure channels to encrypt data in motion. Further, data stored on mobile devices throughout your organization is encrypted, protecting data even if a device is lost or stolen.  

With role-based access control, you can determine who has access to applications and data. When application access is revoked, all data stored on the data is automatically erased.

Identity management made easy

Rocket Mobile’s built-in mobile identity management helps you deliver a great user experience while reducing app development, deployment and maintenance costs. You can help ensure engagement with your apps, by integrating with existing credentials and single sign-on systems. It's easy to implement policy-based user and group management for your apps, automatically revoking access when an individual leaves the authorized group/department or the company. Use role-based access control to create a single app that automates a business process involving multiple types of users.