Rocket LegaSuite - Solutions for your business

Rocket LegaSuite - Solutions for your business

We're in the business of helping businesses

Gaining return on your existing application investment is what we're all about. Whether that's bringing new application functionality and access to your applications, reducing call center costs, or gaining real-time integration and intelligence from you application infrastructure—we've got the technology and expertise to get you there quickly. And best of all, you don't have to start from scratch. With thousands of organizations relying on our technology for their modernization and integration needs, our proven software can help solve your toughest problem, no matter the business challenge.

Web Enablement

Web-enable your legacy applications. On any platform.

Your customers, business partners, and users are increasingly demanding quick and easy access to information locked away mission-critical applications. LegaSuite can help you reduce the time, cost, and risk of Web-enabling existing applications and reusing them in a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Make no changes to the host application

LegaSuite lets you customize your application’s look-and-feel to create new GUIs from your 3270, 5250, OpenVMS, and VT platforms with no changes to the underlying host applications. LegaSuite allows you to extend the life of your existing applications while:

  • Improving user experience and customer satisfaction with enhanced and streamlined UIs
  • Reducing training time for employees with easy-to-use interfaces and intuitive business process workflows
  • Increasing productivity through intranet, extranet, and internet deployments
  • Providing simple and advanced on-the-fly GUIs without risking changes to your legacy applications
  • Reducing overall costs of operations

Give your users what they need, where they want it

LegaSuite lets you deploy easy-to-use, intuitive GUIs to almost any platform via mobile phones, Web applications, or tablets. With LegaSuite, you can give your users the business applications and services they need, instantly, safely, and anywhere they want it.

CSR Agent Desktop: Optimize and modernize call center applications

Customers expect clear and quick answers from customer service agents. However, call center applications often have user interfaces that aren't well-suited to customer service representatives, causing slow response times and the delivery of inaccurate information to customers. LegaSuite's call center modernization solutions can help your organization slash the application learning curve, eliminate long call times and provide more efficient and better quality customer service.

Transform green-screens to point-and-click apps

With some call center applications, agents are required to memorize countless commands and codes to go from screen to screen. These obstacles prevent users from moving through the call center applications efficiently, adding minutes to phone calls and affecting customer quality. Green-screen-based applications tend to be more difficult to learn for younger and non-technical users, leading to extensive training at a high cost and high turnover rates.

Deliver improved customer service

With a modernized agent desktop, you can leverage your existing call center systems to take advantage of new and emerging technologies. You can give your call center employees a 360-degree application interface that will help them assist customers faster and provide more accurate answers, and ultimately deliver improved customer service.

Business Process Automation

Streamline your business processes and maximize ROI

Relying on manual business activities result in complex, error-prone, and time-consuming processes, that often hinder your organization’s ability to respond quickly to changing environments. LegaSuite offers high performance integration to leverage existing mainframe, IBM i, OpenVMS, UNIX, and Windows client/server applications. eliminate unnecessary processes.

LegaSuite helps you gain more control and measurability over your workflow by simplifying and automating processes. By eliminating unnecessary and inefficient business processes, LegaSuite extends your existing applications to maximize ROI by lowering costs, reducing risk, and increasing consistency. safe and easy automation.

With LegaSuite, automating and streamlining business processes is safe, easy, and quick, allowing you to improve application efficiency, automatically assign tasks, enable compliance tracking, and update multiple systems of records. Responding quickly to business changes is more important than ever in today’s economy, and with LegaSuite, you can do all that and more, while getting the most out of your investments.

Web self service

Reuse key applications with online self service projects

Customers today expect to have 24/7 access to their account information over the Web and on their mobile devices. How can you give customers user-friendly and online access to their information on enterprise systems without starting from scratch?

LegaSuite transforms business logic and data from existing applications into standards-based interfaces such as Web services, JavaBeans, and .NET assemblies, to better serve your customers. This lets you reuse your key enterprise applications in new self-service initiatives such as online banking and account management.

Deliver real-time Information Instantly

By deploying and pushing functionality from your existing systems to a Web portal you can deliver real-time information to your customers, reducing response time and creating more efficient interaction with your end users.

Complete projects in half the time

With LegaSuite, creating Web services is an automatic process, so projects are completed in a fraction of the time and with significantly less cost and risk than other methods. Whether you are creating an online customer portal, a policy and claims application, or an online banking system, our proven technology can help you.

Use your existing skill set and make no changes to your existing applications. Unlock the value in your host system rapidly, safely, and securely, all while ensuring your customers get the added value they deserve.