Rocket API

Rocket API

Integrate existing applications into new web and mobile experiences

Rocket API helps organizations better meet today’s customer and user expectations by transforming rigid, green-screen based workflows into outstanding user experiences. It wraps your existing critical business systems in APIs that can be integrated with new or existing cloud, mobile, and self-service applications—without any risky code changes to your existing systems.



Combine APIs from multiple sources for a compelling user experience

Customers and business users need the right data presented in user-friendly formats to help decrease the amount of time needed to answer questions, resolve problems, or complete transactions. Application developers are challenged to meet these expectations when data required for common requests is spread across multiple systems, or accessed through multiple screens.

Rocket API easily creates APIs from functions in multiple back-end systems, combining them into composite APIs. Those composite APIs can be incorporated into new user experiences that present the necessary data and functionality in a single interface.

For example, a retailer might combine order information collected from a point-of-sale terminal with data from the inventory management system. The resulting availability data could be displayed on a single application screen for store employees—with a separate public view for customers. This could better inform buying decisions and facilitate cross-selling and up-selling at the point of purchase, ultimately leading to higher sales.

Engage customers and employees with new web and mobile applications

Today, people expect to engage with organizations through mobile apps, websites, and online portals. They want the ability to get answers, manage their accounts, or initiate transactions from any location and using any of their devices of choice at a time and place of their own choosing. 

Rocket API lets you encapsulate workflows and data from any green-screen application, web services, or SQL or other data source as APIs, so you can integrate the underlying capabilities and data as features with new or existing web and mobile applications—in a way that is completely transparent to users. Customers and employees get the data and functionality they need to be productive no matter where they are, and at the same time, you avoid the potentially massive costs and risks associated with rebuilding your enterprise application portfolio.

Speed delivery of new capabilities to customers and business users

Development teams are often under pressure to accelerate delivery of complex new capabilities in well-designed user experiences—for both customers and internal business users. This can be daunting when it involves data, functionality, and workflows in applications that have been in place for years or decades, which often have underlying code that isn’t properly documented or well understood by current development staff. Invasive changes can be risky, and additional time is often needed to prepare, develop, and test to minimize any downstream problems.

With Rocket API, you can quickly create new application workflows without changing the existing code in your critical applications. Your developers can instead isolate these systems' key capabilities and workflows, and turn those workflows into easily-connectable APIs. Those APIs can then be embedded into new user experiences and combined with other capabilities, making it possible to deliver increased convenience and added functionality to customers and business users—without risk to the underlying systems. As importantly, the logic behind those newly-created APIs can be adjusted at any point without any change to the end-user experience.