Modernize Windows client/server applications quickly

Deploy new services securely, in high volumes, and with scale

Microsoft® Windows® client/server applications are a time-tested asset in many enterprise application infrastructures. However, modernizing these applications—extending them with web, mobile or cloud technologies, or linking with other applications—can be challenging. Companies need an easy way to modernize applications, without special programming skills, inside knowledge of the code, or recoding.

Easily integrate new web, mobile, and middleware applications

Rocket API offers ability to transform your IBM® 5250 screen applications into REST APIs or SOAP services without changes to the enterprise application. High performance runtime can be deployed close to your applications on IBM® i, or on your choice of Windows, Linux, and UNIX environments. Rocket API allows you to separate business logic from API definitions, which makes for easier change management. It also routes and transforms messages based on content, and delivers data/message mapping. You can turn basic application functions into APIs, or go further and orchestrate them into composite API reaching across disparate applications and sources.

With Rocket® LegaSuite® Integration software, you can rapidly and cost-effectively use web services to connect to Windows client/server applications. You can expose many types of Windows 32-bit applications as web services including SAP® PowerBuilder®, Visual Basic, MFC/Visual C++, Smalltalk, Delphi, and CA:GEN, as well as Java® Applets and Windows 16-bit applications. Finally, you can deploy your new services securely, in high volumes, and with scale.