Give customers the self-service web and mobile capabilities they expect

Enhance online and mobile experiences with increased personalization

Web and mobile technologies have fundamentally changed how customers expect to interact with your business, and green-screen applications don’t readily fit into today’s modern digital landscape. With Rocket LegaSuite Web, your business can deliver intuitive web or mobile experiences that enhance customer engagement and loyalty, while retaining your reliable IBM i (AS/400) or UNIX systems.

Engage your customers – any time, anywhere

Rocket LegaSuite Web can help you meet customer expectations for digital self service, whether they need to review accounts, manage payments, initiate transactions, or place an order. LegaSuite Web can help you build web and mobile user experiences on top of your IBM i (AS/400) and UNIX business systems, so your customers have ready access to information and can take the actions they want–without requiring changes to the underlying systems you’ve built your business around, or constraining developers to the workflows in your green-screen applications.

With LegaSuite Web, you can wrap the capabilities and data of your existing systems into the rich UIs and workflows you and your customers expect. You’ll have happier customers, open up new revenue opportunities, and stay competitive. With LegaSuite Web, you’ll achieve this affordably, quickly, and with low risk.