Improve employee productivity and retention with user-friendly applications

Rejuvenate your core business systems to meet employee expectations

Web and mobile apps are the norm. Employees expect enterprise apps to be as easy to use as the ones they use in their personal lives. Failing to deliver affects employee satisfaction, limits productivity, and contributes to turnover. Rocket LegaSuite Web is a low-risk, affordable option for turning green-screen applications into modern user experiences that engage and delight your employees.

Empowering IBM i in the Digital Age
Great user experiences lead to productive and engaged employees

Rocket LegaSuite Web eliminates the navigational challenges of older green-screen applications by replacing native interfaces with modern HTML experiences. It can help you simplify the steps needed to perform common tasks, even if they’re in separate parts of your business systems. You can transform employee frustration into delight by providing a user experience aligned with expectations set elsewhere in their computing life.

Rocket LegaSuite Web is fast and easy to develop with, providing a drag-and-drop programming environment with no recoding of the underlying system required. There is no risk to the proven systems you run your business on.  Your systems built on IBM i (AS/400) and UNIX can even be easily extended as business requirements continue to evolve.