Rocket ICE

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High-speed analysis of large volumes of System z data

Rocket ICE—an optional add-on to AS—enables ultra-fast analysis of limitless volumes of DB2 and mainframe data. Rapidly work with all of your data—whether or not it’s structured or aggregated. With ICE, end-users can manipulate and query user data, write user-defined reports, build graphic output, and define user-controlled data entry and data validation.



Functions for all occasions

With more than 300 tailor-made analysis functions and commands, you can find the answers to your questions quickly and easily.



Turn data into digestible information

With the ICE Reporting System, you have the ability to validate your data, enter more data as needed and produce business-critical reports—complete with graphics. Better yet, the Reporting System can integrate with your Application Prototype Environment and Financial Planning System if they have been incorporated into ICE.