Rocket Discover for IBM i

Self-service business intelligence for business users and IBM i data

Rocket® Discover for IBM i revolutionizes how business users work with their data—without relying on IT. Graphical self-service data preparation, discovery, and visualization tool provides easy access to enterprise data sources, including IBM® Db2®, IBM® i, SQL Server, Oracle® databases, desktop computers and beyond. Get a complete view of the business to make better decisions—faster.

Self-Service Business Intelligence for IBM i
Get the big picture—in minutes

Line-of-business managers, executives, and front-line workers can interactively visualize data, getting a complete view of the business within minutes. Business users can create visualizations on dashboards—no more waiting days or weeks for IT to develop these visualizations. Create dashboards from a single data source or many, and instantly share dashboards with multiple team members to discuss real-time issues, trends, outliers and next steps.  

With this full, informed view of the business, people can act on issues before they negatively affect the business. Data is assessed from all viewpoints instead of in a single, siloed manner. Data-driven collaboration is single click easy. 

Enterprise-class security

Built-in security in Rocket Discover for IBM i ensures that the right users see the right data at the right time, wherever they are. Rocket Discover is LDAP-compliant, with data access based on user permissions to ensure confidential data remains secure.

Rocket Discover for IBM i offloads work from IT staff, while improving IT service levels and performance. With business users empowered to create their own combined data sources and dashboards, IT is liberated to focus on higher priorities. End-to-end data discovery eliminates the need for separate data preparation tools, reducing total cost of ownership. Dashboards can be scheduled for updates, ensuring that everyone is working with the latest data.

Hybrid data access—in-memory for high performance, live-query for transactional up-to-date access—lets IT meet the demands of the organization without bringing systems down. You'll reduce IT costs and improve performance, all at an attractive price with enterprise-class security.