Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Self-service data preparation, visualization, reporting, and collaboration

Businesses need information and intelligence faster than ever before. Business users want direct access to a growing variety of data sources so they can quickly create dashboards to investigate business issues.

Rocket Discover combines self-service data preparation, visualization, reporting, and collaboration in one solution that deploys easily, without requiring professional services.

Rocket BI and Analytics
Self-service data prep and discovery empowers users and frees up IT’s time

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics continues to be a top investment priority for CIOs. End-to-end self-service business intelligence for business users can help them get more value from BI investments and lower their total cost of ownership 

Rocket® Discover integrates everything business users need for end-to-end data discovery, packaged in a modern, intuitive user interface. Business users can connect and enrich data from virtually any data source, including enterprise systems, MultiValue and multi-dimensional databases, IBM mainframes, and desktop files. There's no programming required, no more waiting for IT staff to build dashboards or visualizations, and no need for separate tools for data preparation. The people most familiar with the data can now prepare it for analysis, cutting steps out of the process. 

Using dashboards that they create in minutes, business users can explore data from different sources side-by-side, or from combined data sets that they create themselves. They can drill down at will and update dashboards interactively, as well as share dashboards and collaborate on results to identify real-time issues, outliers, opportunities and more. The whole discovery process is much more natural, efficient, and productive.