Ensure that data is tracked from its point of origin

Process flows expose data sources, giving you confidence in your decisions

BI software helps you gain insight so you can take action. But what if the data source feeding your dashboard is inconsistent, or worse, corrupted? If faced with a compliance review are you confident in the data in your reports? Unless you know the exact data source, file, and field from which a specific component came, you may not be able to rely on your data.

Rocket Discover
One-click data lineage tracking

Data lineage empowers users to know where data has been and provides the ability to prove it. Rocket Discover exposes the origin of each data element, helping your business comply with governance mandates that require data transparency.

With Discover’s data preparation and enrichment you can track each data component from its origin as it progresses through the query structure. Users can quickly and easily call up a data process flow, click on a data element, and reveal its origins. For example, if you create a calculated column with an equation that includes elements from a variety of sources, you can easily identify those sources with data lineage.

Having this information immediately available not only empowers business users to make more informed forecasting, modeling, and business planning decisions; it also makes it easy for your organization to monitor adherence to internal and external governance mandates while responding quickly to inquiries. Discover can save data analysts weeks, if not months, of time performing data investigation to meet compliance, audit requirements, or simple business inquires.

Data prep with one-click lineage flow