Rocket Data z/Direct

Rocket Data z/Direct

Direct, standards-based access to mainframe data and applications

Rocket® Data z/Direct software helps mainframe users overcome the technical complexity of accessing proprietary data from distributed environments. It uses standards-based access to mainframe data and applications to support high-volume transactional data applications. SQL and SOAP interfaces provide access to a wide range of mainframe databases—all from within a single integration architecture.

Rocket Data Integration Architecture
Access, control, and manage mainframe applications and data

Accessing proprietary mainframe data from distributed environments has been an evolving technical challenge. Rocket Data z/Direct enables direct SQL access to mainframe applications and data stored in an array of relational and non-relational formats. You can leave your mainframe data in place and avoid the cost and risk of replication or migration—effectively employing the mainframe as a true enterprise data server instead.

z/Direct provides outstanding diagnostic and control facilities. It offers users a single, integrated solution to identify, diagnose, and correct data connectivity problems between distributed ODBC and JDBC client drivers and mainframes.

Enterprise scale and security

Rocket Data solutions reduce the possibility of application failure and improve application availability and performance, while supporting virtually unlimited concurrent users and transaction rates. It achieves this through our dynamic load balancing and virtual connection facility.

Our software fully integrates with mainframe RACF, CA-TopSecret and CA-ACF2 as well as SSL and client-side, certificate-based authentication on distributed platforms. Rocket Data fully supports the choreography of SSL between the application platform suite and the mainframe.