Rocket Data Virtualization

Share mainframe data across the enterprise, without moving or rewriting it

Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV) makes it easy to use mainframe data with new analytics and digital application initiatives (web, cloud, or mobile), without mainframe coding expertise or moving data off the mainframe. Instead, you can share mainframe data virtually across the enterprise, delivering new insights into customer expectations, competitive threats and emerging market opportunities.

Expand and simplify your use of mainframe data

Data architectures are evolving away from rigid, ETL-driven data warehouses to a more logical model that enables data to address the real-time access requirements of mobile, cloud, and advanced analytics.  With data virtualization, application developers have virtual access to mainframe data in real time, without needing to know details such as how the data is formatted or where it's located.

Rocket Data Virtualization lets you leave your most valuable data—mainframe data and transactions—on the mainframe, while opening it securely to use by virtually any application. RDV gives you real-time, in-place access to mainframe data, without having to move, replicate or reformat. It eliminates the scalability bottlenecks associated with data connectors and the cost and complexity of extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) the data elsewhere before it’s usable.

Take full advantage of your mainframe data without the processing penalty

Rocket Data Virtualization is the only DV solution that resides and operates on the mainframe.  Because RDV runs almost exclusively on the IBM® z Systems Integrated Information Processor® (zIIP), it doesn’t consume MIPS capacity and can significantly reduce mainframe costs associated with ETL.