Rocket BlueZone Security Server

Rocket BlueZone Security Server

Protect business processes as you extend them

Rocket® BlueZone® Security Server adds a layer of security to all networks and perimeters for your existing applications and proprietary business processes, enabling you to extend them anywhere with confidence.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Cost-effective and scalable

Rocket BlueZone Security Server provides secure web-to-host connections. It includes SSL/TLS encryption and authentication services for all types of clients including FTP, Telnet, SMTP, and virtually any persistent TCP/IP protocol.

Designed primarily to SSL-enable FTP and telnet servers, our Security Server has grown into a general purpose SSL VPN and network-edge server that provides a robust, yet cost-effective security application that can support thousands of simultaneous connections. 

Extend host access your way, with our robust protection

Rocket BlueZone Security Server removes a lot of the worries in extending access to existing applications from the web, so you can be more creative and strategic. BlueZone Security Server ensures data stream privacy and reduces the risks of extending Internet access to host systems, adding a layer of security to restrict access to authenticated users.