Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation

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Interested in saving terminal emulation?

If so, you need to consider Rocket BlueZone Terminal Emulation.

Easily replace your 3270 client with Rocket BlueZone. More than ten years of experience in replacing tn3270 software from other vendors means we have developed reliable best practices, conversion tools, and compatibility modes.

We offer free online test drives and 30-day trials of our tn3270 products. We want you to experience our quality products first-hand, and what better way than to try them for yourself? Naturally, support is always included for free during the evaluation period, so be sure to contact pre-sales support if you have any questions. You can download a fully functional 30-day trial of our 3270 client now.

Taking the leap

Perhaps you think there's too much productivity risk involved with moving to a new TN3270 software solution. You may have invested months or years tailoring your solution to match your business needs. No one wants to repeat that effort. What you may not realize is that you can make the switch to our less expensive solution and still preserve the existing functionality you're accustomed to. We want to help you start saving money, while uncovering inefficiencies that might have been dragging down user productivity for years.

With our 3270 software, you get:

  • Best Deal Industry Wide: We said it earlier. You will save loads of money and get the same TN3270 features you have grown accustomed to—if not better!
  • No baggage! Travel light: BlueZone was built and designed to be easy to implement, easy to use, and highly customizable to support ever-changing business requirements. All that while maintaining the functionality and compatibility of the original legacy applications.
  • Lowest TCO around: We don't just help you save money through licensing. Our central distribution features mean you'll eliminate network administration and support overhead. It's a win-win.
Why BlueZone is the Best Choice to Replace Your Current TN3270 Emulator
  • 3270 terminal emulation is mission critical, and BlueZone has a proven track record of quality and reliability
  • We have developed best practices and conversion capabilities
  • We prove that BlueZone it is a suitable TN3270 replacement before the purchase
  • Our purchase price is a fraction of the annual maintenance charge for other TN3270 emulators
TN3270 Deployment Three Ways

Desktop Client

This deployment is the only one of its kind in the industry. It is initially deployed by the Web server and is then stored locally so it can be launched directly from the desktop thereafter. It uses the industry-standard MSI installer, giving you a lot of flexibility. This is a great option when you want the convenience of Web-based emulator delivery but can't depend on 100 percent availability of your Web server. And just think how easy this can make maintenance—a desktop application that can be configured to check the Web server and download updates automatically.

Embedded Web-to-Host Client.

This deployment option puts a brand new spin on emulation by combing the power of the Web with your emulator. BlueZone launches inside the browser window and is embedded either as a full screen or at a fixed position within the Web page. The position is completely configurable by the BlueZone administrator. With this option, you can design Web pages that include frames, scripts, text, links, buttons, or graphics right on the HTML page in harmony with the embedded BlueZone emulation client.

Get started with your 3270 terminal emulation replacement, and experience the savings!

Web-to-Host Client

This 3270 deployment serves up the TN3270 emulation client when initiated from your browser, and runs as a standard Windows application on your desktop. The client runs outside the browser's memory space and is completely independent of the browser. In fact, once the TN3270 client launches, you can close the browser and your host session won't even be affected.