Extend terminal emulation to mobile devices

Extend terminal emulation to mobile devices

Access your terminal-based applications any time, from anywhere

Do you have a need to use your terminal-based applications on the go? Rocket terminal emulation solutions make is easy for your team to access IBM® z Systems (TN3270) or IBM® i (TN5250) systems from any device, including iPads, iPhones, Android phones and tablets, and RIM Blackberry®—at any time, from anywhere.

One server, infinite possibilities

Our clientless host access solution easily integrates with your web server's security features for encryption and authentication. You can be up and running in minutes, securely connecting the user's devices to your IBM systems. 

Rocket solutions take the fear out of BYOD for terminal emulation. There's no software to install or components to download. Configuration and security are handled through a single, centralized server, eliminating the need to deal with consumer oriented app stores. The user license is easily expanded with a simple license key.

Rocket's connectionless HTTPS protocol also means our solutions are more resilient to the kinds of network issues that are common with cellular and satellite Internet services (compared to connection-oriented telnet-based protocols).

Easy on the eyes (and budget)

With Rocket terminal emulation solutions, you can easily customize your terminal emulator session interface using standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Rocket terminal emulation solutions are licensed concurrently, which means you only pay for simultaneous users, instead of paying per installation—that saves you money!

Not just for mobile

Because Rocket terminal emulation solutions are clientless and configuration is controlled through a single, centralized server, the same interface works equally well on any device with a browser, including all smart phones, tablets, eReaders, and standard computer browsers.