Rocket BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation

Rocket BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation

Access host-based systems and apps from anywhere for increased productivity

Rocket BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation integrates with your web server to provide a client-less, secure, scalable mobile terminal emulator. It helps keep your employees who are dependent on IBM® mainframe or IBM i systems productive--in or out of the office. Bluezone Mobile Terminal Emulation supports Apple® and Android® smartphones and tablets, as well as Blackberry® devices.

5 reasons to choose Rocket Terminal Emulation
Minimize business disruption and reduce costs

With BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation, there are no apps to install or components to download. Configuration and security are handled through a centralized server, which means that there’s no need to deal with consumer-oriented app stores.

BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation is licensed concurrently, which means you save money by paying only for simultaneous users, not your total user base. Licenses are easily expanded with a central license key, further simplifying setup and maintenance.

Protect your sensitive information on mobile devices

In addition to the host authentication, BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation gives you multi-layered security. It incorporates managed access control and synchronized authentication. It has a secure, scalable server with Microsoft® Active Directory Services, Windows® Domains, and RSA® SecurID®.

BlueZone Mobile Terminal Emulation also includes built-in bi-directional 128-bit encryption and supports Secure Sockets Layer, IP tagging, and LU name assignment. These security features provide everything you need to ensure your data stays safe in mobile use cases.