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Upgrade to Rocket AS v6.3

On January 31, 2001, IBM discontinued support and service for all versions of IBM AS and IBM ICE. This includes all releases up to and including IBM AS/ICE V4.2, which was released in October 1996. However, there’s no need to begin a costly new deployment process. You just need to upgrade to AS V6.3. Let us tell you why.



It’s an authorized replacement

Rocket AS is the authorized replacement product for users of IBM AS (program number 5648-092), and is fully compatible with IBM AS applications, allowing it to be used with current versions of your software and hardware.



It maintains company and industry compliance

Are you working with unsupported software? If your organization’s or industry’s policies require you to use supported versions of software on your IBM System z mainframe, AS V6.3 will ensure compliance with these policies. Plus, AS V6.3 helps secure your AS applications from unaudited usage, which helps to maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other industry standards.



It’s made for the next generation

Has a new generation of application developers entered your company? It’s time for an AS V6.3 upgrade. Today’s application developers want a Windows, Linux or web user interface for their AS applications. The Eclipse-based PC development environment included in AS V6.3 means smooth sailing for your PC developers.



It saves time and money

AS V6.3’s improved performance capabilities could save you a costly CPU upgrade. Plus, AS V6.3 eliminates the need to rewrite your AS apps, saving you the time of retraining your current users. And affordable license costs mean that you get more and pay less while unlocking the value in your AS system.



It gets you ready for additional upgrades

If you’re planning to upgrade to newer versions of z/OS, z/VM or DB2—you’ll want to upgrade. These newer products can cause problems with older AS releases.



It’s scalable

Is the amount of data you process with AS growing? Need to reduce the time AS jobs take to run? You can now process larger volumes of data in less time. Want calculations on bigger numbers? AS V6.3’s high-precision arithmetic functions allow calculations on numbers up to 240 digits. You need scalability? You got it.