Reclaim storage capacity

Reclaim storage capacity

Stop the sprawl of unstructured data

For many organizations, unstructured data represents up to 60 percent of existing corporate data, and 70-80 percent of all new data created. The typical organization has not accessed more than 83 percent of its unstructured files in over one year. Poorly managed unstructured data represents a colossal waste of storage space and resources.

Strategic storage strategies for unstructured data

The uncurbed sprawl of unstructured data escalates the costs of tier-one storage and compromises the effectiveness of data backup and replication. While no one can stop the rampant growth of unstructured data, Rocket® Arkivio® can help organizations get it under control—and do so strategically, in line with business needs.

Arkivio discovers and classifies data based on its value to the business, and then offloads inactive data to lower-cost storage tiers while maintaining data availability. Organizations can handily move data according to pre-defined policies that replace costly and error-prone manual processes.

Users are able to continue working with their critical files, while stale data automatically gets shifted to secondary storage quickly and safely, without affecting system or application performance.

Optimize your backup environment

Migrating inactive data out of costly primary storage to lower cost storage isn't just a more appropriate use of resources. It means organizations can run nightly incremental and weekly full-system backups on only the active and valuable data. Limiting the amount of unused and unneeded data in primary storage also reduces the amount of servers, disks, and time required for backup and recovery.