Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition)

Get maximum value from your IBM i software

Rocket® Aldon® Lifecycle Manager (IBM i Edition) software makes automating and managing application changes easy. Get enhancements out faster while reducing software defects, and increase developer productivity so you can deliver more IT projects on time.

Aldon Lifecycle Manager helps prevent source code overwrites and versioning errors, and built-in compliance tools make audit prep a breeze.

Rocket Application Lifecycle Management
Automate software release management and deployment

Simply select the tasks or objects you want promoted through the lifecycle and Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager automatically moves the source to the next stage, creates the objects, creates the dependent objects, deploys the objects if necessary, performs the file conversions, and logs the activities.

By automating everything, Aldon Lifecycle Manager eliminates manual effort, reduces costs, ensures application integrity, delivers efficiencies, and speeds up delivery times. And with the automated processes our software puts in place, you can do more with your IBM® i applications. Everything is easier.

Responding to changes in the business is faster and cleaner with Aldon Lifecycle Manager. Modernizing applications by integrating them with other applications, web sites, web services, and other data is less daunting. Compliance is built in and policies are automatically reinforced, taking that off your worry list.

It's also easier to capitalize on distributed development and outsourcing with Aldon Lifecycle Manager. Our fine-grained control and role-based security let you create specific authorizations to releases and modules for use by distinct teams or individuals. Release management is repeatable, documentable, traceable.

With your new level of insight and control, persistent problems with source code change management—like developers "stepping on" each other's code—fade away, and new business doors open.

Total visibility of software development across IT with a single repository

Wondering where your project is? Wonder no more. You can track project status, view service request completion, monitor hardware and software requirements, and see who’s working on what code—regardless of platform, and all from a single screen. You're able to view each and every IT asset—applications, objects, projects—their interdependencies, and what happens if you change them. You have comprehensive insight into development status, right down to the file level.

Meanwhile, a single repository for IBM i keeps everything in one place. Developers are able to work on a multitude of file types, and compare and merge files—all from multiple platforms, and even if they are using multiple tools.

Works with your development tools and applications

Rocket Aldon Application Lifecycle Manager (IBM i) provides comprehensive IBM i development support. And, in conjunction with Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager (Enterprise Edition), it also supports Microsoft® Windows®, Linux, UNIX, web, and mobile development. With automation, management, and visibility of development across all platforms, your development teams can focus on project deliverables, avoid unnecessary disruptions, and continue to operate within their preferred environments.

Our software’s flexible architecture supports even the most complex environments. Through our ongoing support of technical standards such as Eclipse and SCCI, your users have the flexibility to choose the best tools for their IT needs. Aldon Lifecycle Manager also works easily with enterprise applications including Oracle® JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, JDA, Infor System 21, and Lawson.

Supported integrated development environments, tools, and applications
  • IBM Rational Development for Power Systems
  • Abstract Pro
  • BCD WebSmart
  • CA 2E  (SYNON)
  • Databorough X/Analysis
  • Eclipse
  • Hawkeye PathFinder
  • HFA
  • Infor BPCS, MAPICS, Lawson, Infinium, Marcam, Future Three, JBA, etc.
  • JDA
  • LANSA / Visual LANSA
  • Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Zend Studio