Rocket Aldon Harmonizer

Rocket Aldon Harmonizer

Get critical software to market faster and cleaner

Rocket® Aldon® Harmonizer software speeds and streamlines source code development. It makes comparing source code fast and simple, so multiple developers can safely work on the code at the same time. Critical applications and updates get to market faster, cleaner, and at lower cost.

Application Lifecycle Management
Improve productivity and reduce errors

Keeping track of changes in source code is essential to developing reliable software. Because changes can come from a variety of sources, you need to compare and integrate multiple program versions. If you're making changes to a vendor package, you must integrate your custom changes into the package every time you get a new release. That's why there's a tremendous demand for easy-to-use tools that can detect, track, document, and speed the implementation of change.

Rocket Aldon Harmonizer is a powerful utility that locates inserted, deleted, changed, or moved records in source programs. It generates a comparison report that clearly identifies differences between the source members. Aldon Harmonizer can also merge program versions to generate a composite source member that incorporates all of the changes from the compared members to the reference source member.

With Aldon Harmonizer, you can say goodbye to expensive and slow single-threaded source code development. Developers can work on code in parallel, with less risk of overwriting or "stepping on" each other's work. It's no wonder that Rocket Aldon Harmonizer is the mostly widely-used source code compare and merge tool for IBM® i.