Rocket Aldon Community Manager

Rocket Aldon Community Manager

Modernize and extend the service desk

Rocket® Aldon® Community Manager software connects application development and IT services, so teams can collaborate to deliver better applications and experiences.

Aldon Community Manager includes a service desk, a process and workflow approval engine, a compliance solution, and a requirements and incidents manager all in one. Be bolder with software, knowing that your service desk has your back.

Automated Workflows Rocket Aldon Community Manager
Link IT service for business success

Multiple departments are involved in ensuring application delivery—from the service desk to development to IT operations. Unfortunately, each group uses different systems and workflows.  

Rocket Aldon Community Manager lets you create a common "language" among everyone involved in the software delivery process, without changing their work patterns. As a result, your IT services and development teams can respond to changes quickly in coordination with the business, while enforcing industry best practices and compliance.  

Rocket Aldon Community Manager is an IT workflow automation solution that unifies your service desk with change and requirements management, and links it to your Software Lifecycle Management system. It automatically captures, tracks, manages, and governs your IT organization’s responses to all business, technical, and operational problems. It offers full end-to-end traceability of the services delivery and software development lifecycles, so you can manage change requests, enforce approval processes, establish requirements, manage IT projects, and automate workflow and reporting.

Run IT service like a business

With Rocket Aldon Community Manager, you can successfully manage service levels to meet customer expectations while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Rocket Aldon Community Manager automates the workflow so that service requests and incident reports are routed to the right people and requirements are checked off. It's easy to see what everyone is doing, at any level within any role, at any time—all from a single interface.

This level of control allows you to better align the goals of business and IT. You can easily track time, cost, and other pertinent information. Customizable dashboards offer managers real-time overviews of issue creation, change requests, and key performance indicators. Reports summarize productivity, application development progress, incident resolution statistics, and other historical data for ongoing process monitoring.

Meet your compliance goals and enforce best practices

Rocket Aldon Community Manager helps you apply IT Service Management (ITSM) best practices and easily achieve regulatory compliance by managing, capturing, and tracking all IT functions.

With our enhanced development approval tracking, you can easily identify the origin of an end-user request, link it to a change in code, and see who signed off on it at each stage and when. You can monitor separation of duties between development and operations/release managers. With Aldon Community Manager, you'll ace regulatory audits. 

ITSM best practices recommend a service desk for improved performance and control. Aldon Community Manager offers pre-configured issue status reports and detailed performance metrics, providing immediate access and analysis of IT services. ITIL templates help organizations understand core processes such as incident, problem, change, and release management.

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