Streamlined change management that scales

Deploy software changes quickly while lowering your risks

Complex multi-platform environments, coupled with business owners’ demands for updated capabilities, can severely test DevOps organizations. Rocket® Aldon® solutions automate everything that happens from the time a change request arises until the solution goes into production. With Aldon, developers can stay focused and productive, and changes get to the business faster and with fewer errors.

Application Lifecyle Management
Complete visibility of software changes across all your platforms

Developers often use a variety of application tools that make it difficult for development managers to see the big picture and manage changes and releases. In addition, your developers need to have complete knowledge of complex directory and/or library structures across platforms to find, distribute, and promote code. Everyone spends too much time finding, routing, tracking, and reporting what they do.

Rocket Aldon solutions provide complete visibility of software changes, no matter how complex your development or production environment. Your development teams can develop software using their preferred tools and processes, while your development managers and other staff members can easily view changes based on applications and tasks (or other familiar structures) across all the application platforms.