Built-in compliance management

Simplify and streamline software audits

Some organizations report spending 20-30% of their time and IT budget on compliance reporting and audit preparation. Rocket® Aldon® solutions provide automation and reporting that document your software development and change processes. You can radically simplify and streamline software audits—including enforcing separation of duties at a granular level—so you can focus on building great software.

Application Lifecycle Management
Lighten your compliance burden

Rocket Aldon ALM and DevOps solutions manage all stages of the application development lifecycle—from change request approvals, to checkouts throughout development and testing, to final deployment into production. Everything is stored in a central database, giving you complete, real-time visibility of your software development.

Our process-oriented solutions enable you to view and monitor everything necessary to satisfy ITIL, COBIT, SEI/CMMI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, PCI, Basel II and other regulations. Rocket Aldon solutions automate controls and enforce process workflows using pre-defined policies, resources and assets. You can even ensure separation of duties at a granular level using the Lifecycle Manager Web Portal. Best practices are enforced without you having to think about it. You'll be able to give your auditors exactly what they need, with automation and process tracking from the very first user request to final deployment of your software application.

Rocket Aldon even includes special report templates designed specifically for auditors. Because we simplify both internal and external compliance steps in a single system, our solutions are perfect for regulated industries as financial services, healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, and retail.