IBM i – Build, connect, and maintain a modern web or mobile user experience

Create new mobile and web experiences with APIs that leverage existing apps

Customers and employees expect your applications to have modern user interfaces. You can now easily create new web and mobile UIs from your existing IBM® i applications, without the risk and expense of replacing or recoding. Rocket® LegaSuite Web leverages existing applications and allows you to add modern UIs that will improve customer and employee engagement.

LegaSuite Web
Access all the tools you need to provide a compelling UI

Building and maintaining a modern user experience doesn’t need to be difficult. Rocket LegaSuite Web offers all the tools you need to give your green screens a modern and compelling UI. WYSIWYG editors, templates, and other modern controls help you turn your vision of efficiency into reality, giving you control over the building process every step of the way.

You can even incorporate external controls and web content, such as YouTube videos or Google Maps, directly into your LegaSuite apps. The only limitations that Rocket LegaSuite Web has is your imagination.