Data Virtualization

Reduce the cost and complexity of ETL data movement

Optimize existing ETL processes with cost-effective data virtualization

Moving large volumes of data every day drives up mainframe costs. For two decades ETL and data warehousing were state of the art, but now struggle to support mobile, cloud, and analytics. Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) integrates with your existing data architecture as a faster, more cost-effective option to ETL. Use less mainframe capacity and get real-time data for your applications.

Rocket Data Virtualization
Discover the cost benefits of a logical data warehouse

With RDV you can improve the agility of your existing ETL-based data architecture by leveraging data virtualization to create a logical data warehouse. Now you can bring together isolated silos of data–including customer data, accounting and financial data, and unstructured data from social media–in real time without physical movement. With RDV’s ability to create virtual views of enterprise data, you get faster insight into customer preferences or operational issues without the high mainframe costs associated with ETL.

RDV can extend the life of your enterprise data warehouse by replacing the largest, most costly ETL batch jobs with data virtualization. Mainframe data stays on the mainframe and is extended virtually to the data warehouse (or consuming application), saving time and money.