Data Virtualization

Reduce business risk with real-time intelligence from mainframe operational data

Proactively identify business threats or operational failures with SMF data

Without the ability to get insight from operational data, you don’t know threats to your business. The data you need is in Systems Management Facility (SMF) records, waiting to be extracted and transformed into a useable format for analytics—a process that can take hours.  Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) provides real-time access to SMF data so you can take immediate action to address threats.

Faster identification and mitigation of potential compliance risks

Rocket Data Virtualization provides immediate access to mainframe SMF data without having to move it – intercepting the data in-process, while it is being collected and written to the record. This is possible because RDV resides natively on the mainframe and leverages a new IBM API for real-time access to SMF data. With RDV, the SMF data is available immediately in format that analytics tools can use easily, and without added mainframe processing costs. Faster, more agile access to SMF data can translate to reduced compliance risk and enhanced insight into security issues.

For example, with RDV you can collect real-time SMF data that indicates issues with data sharing issues, captures who accessed the data (by user ids) or when FTP was used to move data. When combined with other resources, SMF data can help identify possible security breaches, and enable faster incident response, auditing, and compliance. You don’t have time to wait for SMF data that is log-based. With RDV you have operational data instantly, ready for your analytics.