Data Virtualization

Accelerate digital business transformation with access to real-time mainframe data

Easily connect mainframes to web, mobile, and cloud

Digital transformation is impacting all aspects of society and work. Web, mobile, and cloud are challenging organizations in new ways when it comes to engaging customers and gaining competitive advantage. Traditional data integration methods using ETL or connectors are rigid, slow, and can’t scale. Rocket Data Virtualization provides real-time data essential to supporting new digital technologies.

Rocket Data Virtualization
Improve developer productivity with mainframe APIs

Most millennial software developers lack the familiarity and programming skills needed to work with mainframe data. Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV) masks mainframe data implementations from the application developer, making it easy to expose mainframe artifacts as RESTful APIs.

RDV provides a real-time mainframe data services provider that seamlessly integrates with IBM® z/OS® Connect Enterprise Edition. Together, they make it possible for native applications and data to be discovered, joined, and invoked via a RESTful API. This allows mobile and cloud application developers to incorporate mainframe data and transactions into their applications, without the need to understand z/OS subsystems.