BI and Analytics

Review your business results from a single view

No more waiting hours—or days—to get the insights you and your team need

Businesses are creating and collecting more data than ever before, and much of that data loses its value in days—if not hours. When you’re trying to make critical business decisions, you don’t have time to waste poring over multiple reports in different tools, or waiting for IT to export data.

Rocket BI and Analytics
Make better decisions—faster

Rocket® Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions give you the ability to see everything that’s happening with your business data from a single view, plus understand changes as they happen. Rocket Discover gives business users the power to drill down to the supporting data with a single click, and flexible mobile interfaces make it easy to view results and make better, more informed decisions from any location, at any time. No more waiting hours—or days—to get the insights you and your team need!

The comprehensive data visualization applications in Rocket CorVu NG make it easy to manipulate data from multiple sources. Developers can provide unprecedented access to information with intuitive and dynamic dashboards and reports generated from real-time data access, along with the ability to delve deep with interactive drill-downs. CorVu NG lets you blend, manipulate, and transform data from multiple sources into single result sets or queries to populate your next dashboard.