BI and Analytics

Easy-to-use tools for both end users and developers

Make better decisions—faster

Many of the Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions available today require help from the IT group to gather data and build reports, making ad hoc reporting almost impossible. By the time you get the reports you need, you may have missed a business opportunity.

Rocket BI and Analytics
The tools your teams need to be more productive

What if you had tools that both end users and BI technical users could use to get the insights you need to make better business decisions? With Rocket® BI & Analytics solutions, BI technical users are able to rapidly design intuitive application interfaces that support the needs of the teams they support. At the same time, end users are empowered with a highly visual, “second nature” analytics environment—complete with simple drag-and-drop functionality, full drill-down capabilities, and automatic alerts for critical reporting exceptions. Your teams will be empowered to make better decisions—faster.