BI and Analytics

The data insights you need to make better business decisions

BI and Analytics

Why Choose Rocket BI and Analytics?

Rocket® Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics solutions help you unlock and leverage the insights hidden inside your enterprise data, so you can make better business decisionsfaster.

With tools for both BI technical users and end users, we make it easy to access data from nearly any sourceincluding mainframes, web services, flat files, relational databases, and IBM® Cognos® TM1®—and create the reports and rich visualizations you need to understand what's happening today and plan for tomorrow. We also make it easier than ever to share your insights. With integrated chat and data sharing features, your team can instantly collaborate and brainstorm on strategy, performance results, and potential opportunities.

Product Families
Self-service data discovery and analytics solutions for business users that make it easy to see what's happening with your business data
BI and Enterprise Performance Management solutions that help you turn data into the insights you need to execute on corporate strategy
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