Rocket Discover Partner Program


At Rocket we put our customers and partners first, and we never let our customers and partners fail—ever. To achieve these goals, we developed the Rocket Discover Partner Program. This program allows us to work closely with our partners, to establish trusted, strategic relationships, and to ensure every Rocket customer everywhere receives the highest standard of service and support.

To allow our partners to grow at their own pace and to provide partners with optimal paths to success, the Rocket Discover Partner Program offers three levels of participation:

  • The Premier Partner level is for partners that demonstrate the highest commitment to Rocket by collaborating to ensure a mutually beneficial business outcome. Highlights include extensive access to Rocket staff and knowledge, the largest portion of the marketing budget, and the deepest discounts off of the Rocket list price.
  • The Preferred Partner level is for partners that aspire to reach the Premier Partner level. Rocket supports Preferred Partners by providing annual reviews, marketing funds, resource enablement and access to training.
  • The Referral Partner level is for partners that want to participate in lead generation.


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