Rocket OASIS

Rocket OASIS

Fully managed system for commercial airtime sales, delivered as a service

Rocket® OASIS solutions help television broadcasters maximize revenue from commercial airtime sales while minimizing sales-operations costs.The OASIS system implements management policies and ensures that all advertising space is sold, spots are placed efficiently, and customer agreements are honored.

Rocket Mainframe
Maximize revenue from commercial airtime while minimizing the cost of sales

In the fast-paced, highly competitive and technically sophisticated world of television broadcasting, access to the very latest information is vital when you're selling commercial airtime.

With Rocket OASIS, sales management now has comprehensive, timely information and centralized control over the entire sales process—and its many, interdependent moving parts.OASIS automates routine administrative and processing tasks, and centrally manages data processing, security and support.All in one, easy-to-use system delivered as a service and accessible through a graphical user interface.

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