What's New in iCluster 7.1

iCluster 7.1 and iCluster HA Assist 7.1 are available through your business partner with significant enhancements such as:

  • Ease of administration with automatic creation of remote journals
  • Replication verification with content-level synchronization checks
  • Performance improvements with faster ‘applies’ through delayed access path rebuilds

To upgrade, visit our Rocket Community.

Rocket iCluster 7.1 Enhancements

Exciting new enhancements have been implemented in iCluster and iCluster HA Assist. The new version enables greater ease of administration, higher reliability and accuracy for replication verification, and superior performance and currency.

Greater Ease of Administration and Configuration:

  • How would you like to automatically create remote journals when you define a remote journaling group? Done!
  • Would you like to pick up new libraries as they are created (even using a generic—like SAP* for all new libraries beginning with SAP) and have the contents of the new libraries be automatically replicated? Done!
  • Would you like to have RLE (record level errors) suspended files fixed automatically? Done!

Higher Accuracy for Replication Verification (or synchronization checking):

  • You can now sync check the contents of files at the byte level and have any out-of-sync files (based on content) repaired automatically by ONLY sending the out-of-sync records!
  • Authority differences can be automatically repaired if found during the sync check.
  • You can also tell the sync check process to check for trigger status and ignore certain object attributes (such as creation date) that are not a concern.

Superior Performance:

  • Integrated Files System (IFS) replication speed is increased.
  • Multiple staging stores can be created (one per group) to reduce apply latency.
  • Single file members can now be refreshed instead of the entire file to reduce bandwidth.
  • A new Index Rebuild Controller reduces apply latency for files with a large number of logicals.

For currency, support has been provided for optimally aligned user spaces and *FLDBDY (Field Boundary) on Journal Minimal Entry data for journal receivers.

Upgrade today to Rocket iCluster 7.1 and let us know your feedback. For more details about these enhancements please contact us at askic@rocketsoftware.com.