What’s New in Rocket Discover 1.5

Rocket® Discover 1.5 packs a powerful set of enhancements that help business users and analysts extend the value of your IBM BI investments; accelerate data preparation; and more effectively communicate business insights. Discover highlights include IBM Cognos Native Connectivity which gives you access to IBM Cognos BI 10 and TM1 sources, Smarter Self-Service Data Prep, which provides auto-joins, and Presentation Mode to help expedite executive discussions and approvals.

Data Preparation Enhancements

  • Auto-hierarchy – Column correlation detection to determine data structure relationships from the highest (parent) level to next lowest (children) members.
  • Auto-joins – Column interrogation that determines which columns look similar and have common data types in order to provide the best join suggestions to accelerate the data enrichment process.
  • Output to TM1 and TDE – Data result sets created through data preparation can be exported to IBM Cognos TM1 and Tableau Data Extract file formats to leverage data enrichment processes completed in Discover for increased ROI.
  • Calculation Editor Enhancements – As you type in the function box, you will see a list of function predictions that are similar to the one you’re typing. And Microsoft Excel functions are now supported so you can leverage pre-existing product knowledge.
  • Dimensional Modeling – Build your data model prototype for new TM1 cube design, complete with hierarchy structure.

Dashboard and Reporting Enhancements

  • Dashboard filtering – A filter object lets you apply filter criteria to a single visualization or across all visualizations in your dashboard for increased usability.
  • Coordinated highlighting – Select an item in one visualization and you’ll automatically see other relationships across the entire dashboard illuminated, suggesting paths for further investigation.
  • New charts types – Bullet Chart, Dot Plot, Box Plot, Point Map, and Waterfall Charts give you new ways to express data visualizations.
  • KPI with trend – KPI chart types display supporting data bar graph as a background image for validation.
  • Aggregate Ad-hoc reports – Tabular chart type gives you a line-by-line view of summary data used for summary level financial reporting.
  • TM1 Writeback – Visualizations that have TM1 as their data source can update cell values in Discover and writeback the value to the main TM1 source. TM1 shortcuts, such as spreading functions, are supported.
  • Reporting – List-style reports with grouping, sorting, subtotals, grand totals, pagination, exception detection and even Financial Formatting options.  
  • Presentation Mode – A clear and clean framework that you can use when you’re ready to share and discuss your data insights.
  • Storyboard Edit – Easily navigate from presentation mode to the dashboard editor to make changes on-the-fly, investigate the underlying query, and reveal data lineage.
  • Print PDF – Easily share your dashboard creations with one click of a button to convert your visualizations to PDF and print them.


  • Active Directory – Store user accounts and passwords in your Active Directory database for improved corporate security.
  • Backup/Restore – Initiate backup and restore jobs directly from the Service Management Console for tighter control.
  • Embedded eLearning – Users can quickly and easily call up interactive eLearning modules for step-by-step instruction that aligns with where they are in the product.

Discover has expanded data source connectivity to include:

Live Query data access is now available, giving Discover a hybrid approach to data access. Now you have the option to decide if you want to use in-memory data access to take advantage of the local computing power to speed up data discovery, or live direct access to data, when you need up-to-the minute data. The choice is yours.

Discover 1.5 Release

  • IBM® Cognos® 10 BI content, including Queries and PowerCubes

Discover 1.5.1 Release (December)

  • IBM Netezza®
  • IBM Db2 z/OS
  • IBM Db2 iSeries
  • PostgreSQL

Discover 1.5.2 Release (Q1 2016)

  • Rocket MultiValue D3
  • Rocket MultiValue U2

Discover is now available in the following languages:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish