A simple drag-and-drop interface and, interactive eLearning, empower users

Rocket Discover gives executives, line-of-business owners, and other business users a fast and easy way to connect to, visualize, explore, and share data.This intuitive, self-service approach to BI provides deeper insights into enterprise data without training, or relying on IT.Discover can help you cut data prep time by 50% or more, prepare dashboards in minutes, and instantly share insights.

Rocket Discover データ仮想化と発見
Self service data preparation for a complete business view

Rocket Discover’s data-enrichment canvas introduces a visually-intuitive environment built around seven simple operations that you use to work directly with data.Connect to disparate data sources and let intelligent guidance suggest join options and hierarchical structure to speed up the process.Data preview takes the guesswork out of cryptic column names so you can apply filters and calculated fields more easily.

When you have fully developed your enriched data set, leverage your work in other applications by exporting it to popular formats such as IBM® Cognos® TM1®.Discover brings it all together so you can visually understand the data.Now you have a data set that populates a visual display of important information—a dashboard.

Self-service visualization for immediate discovery

セルフサービス型の Discover では、使用者がレポートやダッシュボードを簡単に作成できます。ドラッグ&ドロップでデータを取り込み、フィールド追加やデータ加工が簡単なインターフェースを使って行えます。 アドホックなデータ問い合わせも素早く行えるため、チャンスを逃すことはありません。

直感的なインターフェースとガイド機能により、より少ない手順でデータを迷わず活用できます。Interactive eLearning modules are embedded, giving users a quick refresh when needed. これらの機能により、ITの専門家に頼らずに欲しいデータと知見を得ることができます。