Increase your return on MultiValue applications

Provide access to MultiValue data for self-service visualization

Rocket® Discover is a self-service data preparation, visualization, and discovery solution for business users.It works uniquely in concert with your MultiValue applications using a MultiValue MetaData Manager so you can easily transform your Rocket MV data into consumable business views.These views can be easily leveraged in Discover to provide the Business Intelligence insights you need.

Rocket 社の BI とアナリティクス
Optimize your customers’ MultiValue investment

Discover includes a revolutionary MultiValue MetaData Manager purpose-built for you to manage and control file dictionaries to simplify BI administration.Discover for MultiValue also includes a native interface to Rocket® D3, UniVerse and UniData® (U2) MultiValue databases.With this combination your end users can easily connect to MultiValue data sources through secure web services using out-of-the-box connectivity, and once connected, utilize an intuitive interface to transform MultiValue data into actionable result sets, which can be propagated across the full array of reporting and visualization capabilities, or federated with data from any other platform or data source supported by Rocket Discover.

With Rocket Discover, users will increase their reliance on your MultiValue application because you can finally help them answer business-critical questions.

Create dashboards and visualizations without relying on IT

With self-service BI, executives and line-of-business owners don’t have to compete with developers or other colleagues for IT resources.Rocket Discover gives users a fast and easy way to visualize, explore, and share data.Users create their own reports and dashboards using a simple drag-and-drop interface, adding fields, sorting, filtering, and manipulating data as the need arises.They can even explore data through drill-down and automated analytics that reveal relationships and display anomalies.