Rocket Data Virtualization

Real-time access to mainframe data—regardless of location or format
Data integration—simple, secure, and scalable

Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV) automates the curation, virtualization, and enablement of mainframe data so it can be integrated in real time with applications anywhere.RDV combines mainframe and non-mainframe data virtually and making it available in real time to your analytics, cloud, and mobile applications without having to move or copy your data.


With Rocket Data Virtualization (RDV), you can use your highest-value data—the mainframe data, applications, and transactions that define your business—in ways that will transform your business forever.You can combine mainframe data with other enterprise data to:

  • Know your customers better than ever before
  • Proactively identify and address fraud or compliance problems as they’re happening
  • Discover and exploit to business opportunities in real time
Transform your business with Rocket Data Virtualization

Traditional methods of integrating mainframe data—ETL, data warehouses, building connectors—are simply not fast, accurate, or efficient enough for business today.More data than ever before is being created and stored on the mainframe, leaving these old methods further behind.Only RDV can close the ever-widening gap.It automates the process of making mainframe data broadly accessible to developers and applications.You can curate (discover and map) your data once, then virtualize it for use anywhere—again and again.Finally, your data scales to your business ambitions.

Mainframe data access made easy

Rocket Data Virtualization eliminates the complexity of working with mainframe resources.RDV solutions knit data from multiple, disconnected sources into a single logical data source, making it much easier to connect mainframe data with your distributed applications.

  • Use mainframe data in place—no mainframe skills required
  • Developers access data directly using familiar familiar environments such as SQL
  • Integrate mainframe data and applications
Empower Sales with enhanced customer insight

Rocket Data Virtualization lets you enrich your understanding of your customers with real-time data from your mainframe.You can also get a single view of the customer by combining data sources from across the enterprise virtually.No more waiting on batch jobs or data-loading into a data warehouse.

  • Combine mainframe data with location, social media, and other distributed data
  • Feed predictive analytics with real-time data to deliver highly-targeted offers
  • Provide unified dashboards with comprehensive customer data for CSRs and account managers
Curate, virtualize, and enable mainframe data for real-time access

With Rocket Data Virtualization, you map mainframe data once to leverage it for multiple applications and all of the associated benefits.By documenting your institutional knowledge just once – the expertise of your mainframe DBAs and data experts – you open access to any developer and to any application in the future.

  • Reduce demands on mainframe staff and bridge skills gap
  • Offload data prep from developers
  • Virtualize anything, for access anywhere
Accelerate digital transformation

Rocket Data Virtualization provides the real-time data essential to exploit new digital technologies, such as web, mobile, cloud, and real-time analytics.RDV masks mainframe data implementations from the application developer, making it easy to expose mainframe assets as APIs that developers can use to incorporate data and transactions into mobile and cloud applications.

  • Improve developer productivity
  • Unleash your highest-value data assets
  • Shine a light on "dark data"

ETL and data warehousing—the state of the art for two decades—are now struggling to support the requirements of mobile, cloud, and analytics applications, along with today’s data volumes.Rocket Data Virtualization integrates with your existing data architecture as a faster, more cost-effective means of addressing data access needs.

  • Use less mainframe capacity while getting real-time data for applications
  • Optimize your existing ETL processes
  • Create a logical data warehouse
Expose business risks with real-time insights from mainframe data

Rocket Data Virtualization provides easy access to raw mainframe operational data, delivering real-time insights into potential security risks, compliance issues, and systems readiness.Link to analytics dashboards, machine learning models, and more.

  • Get immediate access to SMF operational data
  • Identify and shut down fraud in real-time
  • Prevent systems failures
Bring analytics to your mainframe data

If you’re an IBM® z/OS® shop, you may already be benefitting from RDV.It’s used by a number of IBM z Analytics applications to deliver in-place analytics and real-time insights from mainframe data.

  • IBM Db2® Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS
  • IBM Db2 Query Management Facility® for z/OS V11.2
  • IBM z/OS Platform for Apache® Spark
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