Real-time mainframe data access made easy


With the growth of web and mobile apps, more transactional data is being created and stored on the mainframe than ever before.With Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV), you can transform data from multiple, disconnected sources into a single logical, real-time data source, making it easier to connect mainframe data with your distributed applications.

Rocket Data Virtualization
Enable worry-free data access, virtually

Traditional approaches to data integration that rely on moving data, such as extract, transform, and load (ETL) technologies, are struggling to manage the extreme volume and diversity of data in today's enterprise environments.There is simply too much data to physically move it all into a data warehouse—and the data is usually dated before you can use it.New requirements to support advanced analytics, mobile, and cloud initiatives demand a faster, more-nimble approach to data integration.

Data virtualization provides real-time access to mainframe data, regardless of format, interface or location.Now you can combine mainframe data with any application—providing the right data, in the right format, in real time.

Reduce dependence on mainframe

Rocket Data Virtualization provides direct, real-time access to mainframe data without the need for additional mainframe coding expertise.Developers get secure, scalable integration to mainframe data without the need to understand the backend implementations.Access mainframe data directly using industry standards such as SQL (JDBC or ODBC), web services (SOAP), or RESTful APIs in conjunction with IBM® z/OS® Connect.Your developers can perform reliable integrations without specific IBM z Systems® programming skills and help bring new applications and business processes to market faster.

Leverage the zIIP engine for lower costs

The Rocket Data Virtualization product includes patented technology that exploits the IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor® (zIIP) specialty engine, offloading up to 99 percent of its data virtualization processing to the engine.This saves valuable mainframe processing that can instead be reallocated to other workloads.

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