Unlocking dark data for IBM z Analytics solutions

Faster, easier access to your valuable mainframe data

Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV) is embedded technology in the world’s most advanced analytics portfolio.IBM® z Analytics® products benefit from an optimized data layer built on RDV that ensures data on and off mainframe is available in the right format for immediate analysis—in real time.No more dark data that’s hard to access.RDV unlocks enterprise data for next-generation analytics.

Introducing Rocket Data Virtualization
Faster time to insight with reusable metadata maps

If you’re an IBM z/OS® shop, you may already be benefitting from RDV.Many IBM z Analytics rely on RDV to deliver real-time insights and greater business value from enterprise data—without moving or replicating your data off the mainframe.As a z/OS shop, you already have metadata that maps the inter-relationships between data and these can be repurposed with other z Analytics applications that use RDV technology.This sharing translates into access to your enterprise data, and faster access to information about your business or customers.

You can find RDV technology embedded in these IBM z Analytics products:

IBM DB2® Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS provides additional features to extend the capabilities of the IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS.You can transform the loading of non-DB2 data to the Accelerator and IBM z Systems® servers from other data sources such as IMS, VSAM, sequential files, DRDA and Oracle.The combined use of the Accelerator, z Systems servers, and the DB2 Analytics Accelerator Loader for z/OS provides a single location with combined data sources, which can help you deliver faster insight for enhanced decision-making with lower storage costs.

IBM DB2® Query Management Facility for z/OS V11.2 expands analytics to additional data sources and increases the performance of data federation with a new in-memory data virtualization service.You can now query data from sources such as VSAM, Adabas, IMS, relational databases, and more, allowing you to build a single, real-time, logical data source without moving data to a separate data mart.

IBM z/OS Platform for Apache® Spark enables Apache Spark natively on z/OS, and allows traditional z/OS data sources, such as IMS™, VSAM, IBM DB2, z/OS, PDSE, or SMF data, to be accessed with optimal performance via Spark.The platform includes a supported version of Apache Spark consisting of the Apache Spark core, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Machine Learning Library (MLib) and Graphx.It also includes the only Spark data abstraction solution that runs on the mainframe, providing universal, optimized access to a broad set of structured and unstructured data sources through Spark APIs.

All of these benefit greatly from the performance of the IBM z13™ and z13s™ systems, the world’s fastest and most secure enterprise server.

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