Reduce ETL costs and complexity with data virtualization

Optimize existing ETL batch processes without moving mainframe data

For two decades, ETL and data warehousing were state-of-the-art, but now they struggle to support mobile, cloud, and analytics.Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV) integrates with your existing data architecture to reduce the burden of huge batch jobs.Moving large volumes of data is expensive.With RDV, data stays in place and can be accessed in real time when needed by your applications.

Cut ETL costs and complexity

With RDV, you can improve the agility of your existing ETL-based data architecture by creating a logical data warehouse.Now you can bring together isolated silos of data in real time, including customer data, accounting and financial data, as well as unstructured data from social media, without physically moving it.With RDV’s ability to create virtual views of this data, you’ll get faster insights into customer preferences or operational issues, without the high mainframe costs associated with ETL.

RDVは、データ仮想化技術を使用して、大規模で高コストのETLバッチジョブを置き換えることにより、エンタープライズ・データウェアハウスのライフサイクルを延ばすことができます。Your mainframe data stays on the mainframe and is extended virtually to the data warehouse (or consuming application), saving time and money.

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