Reduce business risks with real-time insights from operational data

Proactively identify business threats and potential operational failures

Companies with high transactional volumes need the ability to utilize all of their enterprise data to stay ahead of competition, avoid risks, and identify new opportunities.Rocket® Data Virtualization (RDV) unlocks dark data that is difficult to access and use, turning raw mainframe operational data into real-time insights into potential security threats, compliance issues, and systems readiness.

Rocket Data Virtualization
Take action fast with immediate, logical access to SMF data

Mainframes traditionally rely on log-based replication to capture operational data in IBM® System Management Facility (SMF) records.This data is collected and written to logs that must be extracted and manipulated into formats suitable for analysis.However, it can take hours for SMF information to reach the executive responsible for security or compliance.

With Rocket Data Virtualization, SMF data is available immediately in a format that can be used for analysis, without any mainframe processing costs, so you can address threats before they impact your risk profile or catastrophically affect operations.RDV provides instant access to mainframe SMF data, intercepting it while it is being collected and written to the SMF record.This capability is possible because RDV resides natively on the mainframe and leverages a new IBM API for in-memory access to SMF data.

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