Curate, virtualize, and enable mainframe data

Map data once and use anywhere for any application

Roll out new mainframe digital or analytics initiatives more quickly with Rocket® Data Virtualization.Curate, virtualize, and enable mainframe access to your data in real time.RDV lets you quickly discover the relationships between unrelated data and generates virtual table maps in a single operation.Once you’ve mapped your data, you can virtualize it and use across your organization.

Automated data discovery and mapping cut months from the curation cycle

Data analysts and data scientists spend an inordinate amount of time preparing data.Rocket Data Virtualization accelerates data prep for mainframe data by automating the process of discovering data sources, cutting months from the typical curation cycle.

Because Rocket Data Virtualization runs on the mainframe, it can do discovery at scale, working with thousands of data objects at a time.Rocket Data Virtualization manages mapping of data sources—from simple to polymorphic—into virtual tables with similar ease.Once data is mapped, any application can consume the virtual tables without regard for the data’s original location or format.

Virtualize any data, anywhere

Once Rocket Data Virtualization curates the data, it can be used anywhere.Any data can be curated, virtualized, and enabled for real time access—even data that is accessed via mainframe applications such as CICS, IMS, and Natural or mainframe batch processes.

Because Rocket Data Virtualization runs on the mainframe, your virtualized data remains protected by the mainframe’s inherent reliability and security.

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