The Society of Authors

Simplifies Database Administration and Enhances Membership Services

Government & Non Profit


The Society of Authors (SoA) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1884 to protect the interests of professional authors, illustrators, and translators. Headquartered in London, England, the society has more than 9,000 members and associates, with a small staff located at headquarters. The SoA campaigns for authors’ rights, negotiates with publishers, and lobbies for changes to copyright and libel laws. Along with hosting meetings and seminars, it publishes a quarterly journal, administers prizes, awards grants, and maintains a database of member specializations.


An unstable, inflexible database at the heart of many of the society's core processes stood in the way of improving member services.


  • Provided convenient web access for staff from standard PCs
  • Reduced administrative workload by automating processes and integrating functions
  • Eliminated the need for typing lengthy queries


  • Database Management

Rocket UniData is designed to offer very high levels of performance—even on comparatively low-end hardware—which makes it ideal for not-for-profit organizations, such as the Society of Authors, operating with a tight IT budget.
Nick Osborn
Account Manager
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