Healthcare Insurance Provider

Protects Data with Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions



A leading healthcare insurance provider, its subsidiaries, and affiliates provide group and individual health insurance plans, benefit products, and health and wellness services to more than 3.3 million people. A hallmark of this insurance provider operations is fast, accurate performance, with 41,000 claims per workday hour paid on behalf of its members.


Time-consuming, expensive tape backup and recovery processes burdened IT staff members, who also had no reliable way to track tape data and locations.


  • Automated and simplified backup and recovery processes
  • Ensured that all tape and virtual tape data was tracked and recoverable
  • Reduced time and costs needed for reliable, secure, documented backup


  • Disaster Recovery

Rocket Mainframe
I have a great relationship with Rocket and the team has always been very responsive. Thanks to Rocket, the procedures are automated and I can rest assured that our data is secure in a disaster recovery situation. The process is now streamlined and less burdensome for the staff.
Systems Engineer
Infrastructure Engineering Services