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Safeguards Sensitive Patient Information



HealthAxis Group, LLC, delivers IT and service solutions that allow payers and providers to collaborate more efficiently to deliver better healthcare services while minimizing costs. Its mission is to continually improve the speed and quality of healthcare information and decisions. HealthAxis offers a wide range of claims processing IT products and services to help payers drive down costs and improve operational efficiency. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, the company employs more than 200 people in the United States and internationally.


HealthAxis Group customers depend on their ability to access and analyze complex healthcare data related to the health plans that they administer. HealthAxis wanted to enhance this capability and provide a more user friendly and less time-consuming process for their customers. However, because of steadily increasing incidents of medical data breaches in the healthcare industry, organizations like HealthAxis Group have been prompted to put more stringent policies and procedures in place for governing electronic records transmission, access, and storage.

Previously, HealthAxis relied on the standard network File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over a secure VPN for sharing files between its back-end systems and the individual client servers that handled member management and claims processing. Functions such as benefits enrollment, member management, billing, claims workflow, and auto-adjudication involve highly sensitive patient medical and financial information. Accordingly, the HealthAxis Payer Solutions Development Team decided that it was essential when adding flexibility and convenience to its file sharing processes, that it be done in a manner that maintained its existing level of security, or even added more security to its current processes.


  • Improved control over file-sharing while maintaining security and reliability
  • Reduced development and launch time by more than 50 percent
  • Improved access to data with multi-level administration
  • Enhanced customer experience


  • Secure File Sharing

Meet R/Link from Rocket Software
R/Link and the Rocket team aligned well with our security and administrative needs. As a result, we quickly delivered a high-quality solution that benefits our clients and HealthAxis.
Jeff Kendrick
Development Team Leader
HealthAxis Group, LLC