Banco Lafise

Ensures Uninterrupted Service to Banking Customers

Financial & Banking


Banco Lafise, part of Grupo Lafise and Latin American Financial Services (LAFISE), is a financial institution created in 1985 to provide banking services to clients in Central America and the Caribbean. With headquarters in Miami, FL, Banco Lafise supports 160 branch offices in countries including Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Its range of services includes commercial banking, corporate finance, capital markets, and foreign exchange.


Provide business continuity for Power Systems running IBM i in multiple locations, as well as meet customer demands for 24/7 data access.


  • Provided full protection against disasters for data centers at multiple, geographically distant locations
  • Provided business continuity with minimal downtime for scheduled maintenance
  • Delivered round-the-clock data access to customers, providing a better customer experience


  • Disaster Recovery

iCluster Monitoring
As Banco Lafise grows, we have an increased responsibility to our clients. We use iCluster to guarantee 24/7 operations to our customers.
Diego Montes
IT Infrastructure Manager
Banco Lafise