All Electronics Corporation

All Electronics Corporation

D3 Disaster Recovery Saves Time, Money, and Delivers Peace of Mind



All Electronics Corporation specializes in surplus electronic and electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. Since 1967 the company has catalogued a huge stock of pre-owned and new electronic parts from around the world. It offers an ever-changing selection of products by phone, mail order, and online, as well as through its retail store located in Van Nuys, California. Customers including manufacturers, technicians, students, hobbyists, and inventors view All Electronics as a valuable resource for thousands of common and hard-to-find parts.


After a successful but costly and labor-intensive attempt to recover data from a damaged server, the All Electronics Corporation sought a better way to protect critical data.


  • Established a secondary, backup server for replication of files and other critical processes
  • Safeguarded mission-critical business applications, including credit card transaction data in the event of system failure
  • Demonstrated an immediate ROI


  • Database Management
  • High Availability Disaster Recovery

You know that little crash we had a few years ago? It turns out that the cost of the data recovery alone amounted to 80-90% of the price of the D3 Hot Backup license. Add the cost of the emergency night and weekend consulting, and the D3 Hot Backup system pays for itself.
Woolf Kanter
Vice President
All Electronics Corporation