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Communicate With Millennials About the Mainframe Using Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives
Just as good developers can jump from one language to another, they can also learn to work in different environments.
- Kyle Beausoleil, Software Engineer
DevOps automation: the key to mobile and cloud application deployment
Automated DevOps is designed to allow you to deploy changes frequently so you can ensure that your systems are always providing the latest capabilities.
- Dan Magid, Chief Technologist, IBM i Solutions
4 things you can do on a mainframe—without knowing how to use a mainframe
What can users do on mainframes without having to actually be experts in using mainframes? Here are a few examples.
- Bryan Smith, VP, R&D and Chief Technology Officer
Rocket: The Next Generation
I’m excited that Rocket now has a growing internship program to help college students begin their careers and explore their options even before they graduate.
- Andy Youniss, President and CEO

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